Palazzo Tornabuoni Jonathan May 2, 2023

A Breakthrough
in Luxury
Fashion Retailing

Company profile

Palazzo Tornabuoni Firenze comes from the experience and cooperation of Fingen and Incorp companies, over the last years, we have brought our expertise and industry insights many apparel, fashion, and luxury projects. Our clients range from medium-size companies to industry leaders-spanning across producers and brands, vertical fashion retailers, apparel multibrand retailers, department stores, and luxury-goods companies.


Fingen is an investment firm that manages investments across multiple asset classes, including private equity, real estate, and retail. As investors with an “industrialist” vision, Fingen aims to generate attractive investment returns by following a patient and disciplined approach, employing high-quality people, pursuing the highest standards of excellence, and aligning our interests with those of all our investment partners. The Group’s steady, sustainable vision is reflected both in the managerial continuity of a family business that now spans three generations, and in its solid economic growth. Through its subsidiaries and service companies, Fingen currently manages investments of over 2 billion dollars, and in a spirit of dynamic entrepreneurship is committed to constant innovation across its range of activities.


INCORP S.a.l. is an holding company based in Lugano (Swiss) active since 1982 in trading and commerce worldwide, with the most prestigious and iconic Brands of the Italian Style in the Fashion and Luxury business. Their deep reliability and unconditioned privacy policy, together with strong and trustworthy competences, have raised the company to favorite partners to some of the most prestigious Italian and international brands. Partnership consists to cooperate with brands helping them to meet their extra-ordinary targets including distribution and wholesaling strategy, key accounts policy, stock clearance and special production. The steep growth of partner companies and their need to focus strategy on direct retail operations have left to INCORP the commitment and the opportunity to manage and control wholesale distribution in coherence and complexion to it. The Role of INCORP has become more significant as more brands companies went public needing more accurate plans for their mid term goals as well as adjusting the short ones. This has granted a yearly volume of Purchase of hundreds of millions Euro to INCORP. making it one of the largest and And Reputable Name in the Luxury Business worldwide.

Long-standing worldwide retail management experience

Project development services (pipeline asset management and property development)

Acting as a buying office for important global fashion clients

A consolidated rapport with major fashion and luxury brands

Asset management services (property management)

Product development in close consultation with the client

Experience in the planning and management of partnerships with leading industrial and financial players

Experience in costumer relationship management on behalf of leading brands

Tenant relationship management

Scouting suppliers based on the client's needs and quality standards

The stores will be backed by a warehouse in a FTZ to reduce time to market and lower investments in stock.

Supply Variety


Offering consumers a destination for multiple fashion brands, so as to overcome your lack of offer.
No need to discuss complicated agreements with the firms.

Reduce uncertainty and time


No need to wait for brand to run challenging feasibility analysis for Business Development.

No need to discuss complicated agreements with the firms.

Cut kick-off time


We are preparing your store concept and lay-out – Local companies will execute it, under coordination of an Italian Architect.

Match different investment levels

  • One or multiple stores
  • Small or large stores
  • Different locations

Optimize your cash-flow


You will buy the initial assortment of seasonal collections, paying goods when they are ready to be delivered ex-works from LCBS & Partners Warehouse.

You will buy what you need, during the selling season, from the LCBS & Partners warehouse and get it at your store in 5 working days.

You will be allowed to enter in a return policy for the unsold goods.

Marketing Support


Take advantage of the Group A&P to drive more demand to your store.