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Properties Investments

The UAE offers multi-faceted investment advantages, including a tax-free international environment and one the world’s fastest growing tourism economies. Following on from Dubai’s phenomenal success, the other Arab emirates are now following suit, each with their own economic attributes but similar tax-free investment advantages to Dubai. For now, lower prices, a strong infrastructure and overwhelming demand for commercial and residential properties are driving the success of the real estate markets in other emirates such as Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Umm al-Qaiwain and Fujairah.
UAE property offers potentially lucrative investment opportunities in prime locations of the developing emirates. As a highly industrialised federation, the UAE has one of the most advanced global economies and this is reflected in its GDP per capita, ranking 5th in the world and 3rd in the Middle East. Today’s investors in the UAE expect to witness rapid and substantial price increases as property demand and construction costs in the UAE continue to spiral upwards.

Why Invest in United Arab Emirates?
  • Year-round sunshine, with average summer temperatures ranging from 24°C in winter to 40°C in summer
  • Luxury facilities, great weather and easy access – the UAE now accounts for 0.5% of total tourist demand worldwide
  • Awe-inspiring architectural wonders are under construction, following on in the vein of Dubai only a decade ago. Top quality finishes are consistent with the high international standards of amenities and recreational facilities in the UAE
  • Property price returns of up to 20-40% per annum (depending upon emirate)
  • Average rental yields of a stable 8-10%. These figures are set to soar in many of the emirates, driven by dramatically increasing land costs
  • A tax-free investment environment in the UAE means no income/capital gains tax or tax on rental income
  • 10 years golden visa will be released for investment up to 500.000 $
  • Ever increasing numbers of expatriate workers come to the UAE to work in new industries, maintaining a strong future demand for quality property on which to spend their tax-free earnings
  • A thriving economy and a booming tourist industry, attracting much international investment. Already 75% of the population in the UAE is composed of expatriates
  • The UAE is an increasingly liberal and cosmopolitan global business centre with luxurious facilities
  • Outstanding natural features await visitors, including sandy beaches, rocky mountains, waterfalls and oases
  • An world-class infrastructure is constantly being upgraded to keep up with the UAE’s fast growing population

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